Château Bouissel - Fronton

A unique grape variety, an unknown appellation and some exceptional wines!

Anne-Marie et Pierre Selle

Welcome to our website!

We’d like to introduce you to our estate, and hope maybe to have you visit some day!

As you go through the different pages, you’ll discover that our wines encourage one to be curious: they question us about Nature, about the men and women behind our wines, and about the essential notions of balance and harmony. To us, our wine is like this website, an introduction, a chance to meet with others.

Anne-Marie & Pierre Selle

The Domaine's life

No new news? Well, it takes time to make good wine, and that's just what we're doing right now....but not to worry, there will be some news soon. In the meantime, have a look at our archives.

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Cocagne country

Château Bouissel, domaine

Château Bouissel is an environment where Négrette grapes mingle with the Autan wind, a land of plenty with lilting accents and shared delights. You’ll sense all this and more besides as you savour a glass of any one of our wines.

Made-to-measure wines

Château Bouissel, domaine

Every year it’s with the finished wine in mind that we single out and encourage the more original aspects of our terroir. That’s why each of our wines, be it Château Bouissel rosé, Classic, Haute Expression or Cuvée Sélection has its own personality. We create a bond between vine and man, and we are attentive to the needs of one and the expectations of the other. That’s how we like our wines, when the fruit of our vines satisfies your palate.